Sunday, February 2, 2014

If one's name too decides destiny

Its appears very strange that one's name too decides his/her destiny, I too did not know since

1993.when I came to know about numerology. I was passing through a very tough period and have a

thought in my mind why so happened with me that I had been facing challenges in my life,

going deep in  numerology I came to know ones name also play major role in one's destiny, I calculated

my full name using numerology principle and got prediction that was exactly the same I was facing at that

time. After that my belief in numerology increased and I rectified my name spellings to have better

fortune. In hindu shastrs to we also find as "Yatha namah tatha gune" but it has not been elobrated there.

We are fortunate enough that numerology give reason behind it.

We observe in society girls names or surname get changed after marriage, and ladies feel a big change in

their lives positive or negative. Many filmstars have their origional names other than known public names.

One picture of one producer hits houseful and other results totally flop same producer why? May be film

name. Why a part name of a person being very famous then full name. Dont you think why country

Bharat was known as golden bird and  got change in its prosperity in british rule becoming India.

Worlds great dictator Hitler has different name in his childhood. But he became famous by name Hitler.

We can quote many examples what happened after alteration in name. We all know that We can't

change full name but we can make alteration in one's name spelling to get positive results. 


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